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About the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees defines the values of the organization, provides strategic leadership, articulates the vision of the organization, and ensures the school is reaching the desired end results. The Board’s purpose is to determine goals and move the school toward the accomplishment of those goals while establishing appropriate boundaries for accountability. In addition to setting the vision and direction, the Board is responsible for the fiscal well being of the school.

The Head of School provides the day-to-day operational and managerial leadership of the school. This position is the only direct report to the Board of Trustees.


Meet the Board

We want to take a moment to thank the members of our Board of Trustees. They are all parent volunteers that have a deep passion for our school, and bring with them certain areas of expertise to help guide the school throughout the year. You will frequently see any or all of them at BCS sporting/extracurricular events, the morning carpool drop-off or during any special programs the school is putting on. They would love to get to know all of the families at our school, so please introduce yourself when you have the chance.


Chairman of the Board

George Jacobus

Partner, Highpoint Capital Partners

Board Member Since: 2017

Family at BCS Since: 2014

Number of Children at BCS: 4

Favorite Thing About BCS: The community that our students have from pre-k through 12th grade

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning and Vision Casting

Something George Wants the Board to Accomplish: Since I first accepted the chairman position I prayed we would grow to 600 students. I don't want us to grow only to grow but rather it allows us to serve students and families well while maintaining the culture that makes BCS special.

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: Current Families: Thank you for the trust to educate and develop the next generation of leaders. We don't take that task lightly and pray daily that our students will be the ones that shape our community, state and country. Prospective families: Brazos Christian isn't a perfect place but we work daily to love, educate and challenge students. If you are looking for a place where your student will be challenged educationally (with a Christian worldview) and developed (socially and emotionally), then I would encourage you to come tour our campus. 


Vice Chairman of the Board


Adam Jenkins

Physician, Baylor Scott and White

Board Member Since: 2019

Family at BCS Since: 2016

Number of Children at BCS: 3

Favorite Thing About BCS: One of the many things I love about being at Brazos Christian is the ability to partner with the school and other families in the community to raise our children to know and love the Lord. To be able to frame the world, learning, correction, and forgiveness through the lens of Truth is priceless.

Areas of Expertise: As a practicing physician, I pray that I am able to speak into medical issues as they relate to the school. Additionally, I endeavor to give voice to the grammar school families given the current demographic of my children.

Something Adam Wants the Board to Accomplish: Our school continues to grow and provide opportunities for families in our community to enjoy the learning environment that we all love. As we expand, I pray that we are able to navigate well the potential competing interests of growth and intimacy at our school. 

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: Every family wrestles with the decision of where to entrust their greatest treasure(s) on a daily basis. For my family and many like mine, we recognize that many great schools exist in our community. What I believe sets Brazos Christian School apart is the fact that while gaining a stellar education my children are being grounded in Truth, admonished in love, and educated on the source of their true identity. What's more, we get to walk through this process together as a family of families who are like-minded in priorities and purpose.


Secretary of the Board


Jennifer Parks


Board Member Since: 2020

Family at BCS Since: 2012

Number of Children at BCS: 3

Favorite Thing About BCS: Pre-K through 12th grade are all on the same campus and integrate throughout the day

Areas of Expertise: Elementary Education, taught in the public school system and subs at BCS

Something Jennifer Wants the Board to Accomplish: I pray I can be the voice for those who have a passion about something, whether in education or policy making, and I can help make a difference. 

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: Brazos Christian provides a great education, small family/community feel and a Christian environment that I want my kids to experience.  I love that my children are getting the Christian foundation at school and it is the building block for them developing a relationship with Christ.


Frank Heifrin 

Director of Real Estate, Culpepper Properties

Board Member Since: 2020

Family at BCS Since: 2012

Number of Children at BCS: 3

Favorite Thing About BCS: We love the culture, size, and relationships found at BCS

Areas of Expertise: Facilities and development oversight. Organizational leadership & planning

Something Frank Wants the Board to Accomplish: Setting up a vision for the next 3-10 years of BCS so as a board we can best serve the teachers, staff, families, and students as we send out young adults!

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: We hope you find BCS as an outstanding partner in educating and pointing your child to Christ through all ups and downs that come with raising kids


Ellen Palomo

Broker/Owner, Century Oak Realty

Board Member Since: 2020

Family at BCS Since: 2013

Number of Children at BCS: 2

Favorite Thing About BCS: The family atmosphere

Areas of Expertise: Community Engagement, Marketing & Communication

Something Ellen Wants the Board to Accomplish: To guide the school as it grows to serve the thriving Aggieland community while maintaining the quality of education and nurturing environment that has made it such a special place for countless families over the past 40+ years

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: It is my prayer that Brazos Christian serves each and every family by providing an exceptional education, firm spiritual groundwork and a supportive community environment that helps give our children the best possible foundation for their life after BCS


Patty Pulnik

Speech Language Pathologist

Board Member Since: 2020

Family at BCS Since: 2014

Number of Children at BCS: 2 and 1 who graduated from BCS in ’21

Favorite Thing About BCS: The school community and the close friendships that have developed over the years

Areas of Expertise: 25 years of experience in education and special education, and an interest in Fine Arts (current President of the Patron of the Arts)

Something Patty Wants the Board to Accomplish: I would like to see growth in the courses and electives we offer in Rhetoric School, and growth in educating diverse learners in all the programs at BCS, all while remaining Christ-centered

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: BCS not only challenges our children academically, it helps our children learn to seek God’s will, plan, and purpose for their lives by providing opportunities for close relationships with their teachers and peers, through participation in various sports, fine arts classes, and clubs, and through spiritual emphasis


Weldon Russell

Attorney, West, Webb, Albritton & Gentry

Board Member Since: Information to come.

Family at BCS Since: Information to come.

Number of Children at BCS: 2

Favorite Thing About BCS: Information to come.

Areas of Expertise: Information to come.

Something Weldon Wants the Board to Accomplish: Information to come.

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: Information to come.



Woody West (Finance Chair)

Senior Vice President, UBS Financial Services

Board Member Since: 2020

Family at BCS Since: 2011

Number of Children at BCS: 2

Favorite Thing About BCS: Our community and fellowship among the families

Areas of Expertise: Finance & Passion for Athletics

Something Woody Wants the Board to Accomplish: To see the growth of the school without losing our feel of a small town community

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: I feel blessed to be a part of BCS every time we gather as families to support the kids in academics, athletics, or fine arts and would hope & pray the same for everyone


Kara French 


Board Member Since: 2022

Family at BCS Since: 2020

Number of Children at BCS: 2

Favorite Thing About BCS: I love the close-knit community comprised of teachers, staff and families that have a mutual goal of educating and growing our children in the Lord

Areas of Expertise: Education and teaching experience in elementary and middle school

Something Kara Wants the Board to Accomplish: I want to continue to foster an evolving environment that ensures a quality and relevant Christ-centered education as well as a variety of extracurricular opportunities for our students

A Message for Current and Prospective BCS Families: My daughter passionately said it best after her first day of chapel at BCS, “MOM! I got to worship Jesus today and I got to see Mrs. Taylor!!” After only being at the school a few days, she’d already learned what has become evident to our family; BCS is a special place that teaches and allows students to love the Lord and has staff/teachers that bond with our kids and make them feel special and known