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Photo Galleries of Past 5th Grade Classes

Fifth Grade Course of Study


The Shurley English program is a sequentially oriented curriculum that incorporates the use of rhythm, repetition, and student/teacher interaction. Areas covered include the eight parts of speech, sentence types, sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation.


Our spelling curriculum is developed by incorporating spelling rules with words found throughout our areas of study.


We use the Shurley English program to develop essential writing skills. A variety of techniques are used to develop these skills and produce a high level of confidence in writing.


Novels are used to teach reading skills including summarizing, inferences, figurative language, point of view, theme, main idea, and vocabulary.  Examples of fifth grade novels include: Where the Red Fern Grows, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Prince Caspian, Number the Stars, and The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg.


Using the American History (Veritas Press) curriculum, students gain an in-depth knowledge of American history beginning with the founding of Jamestown and continuing with the American Revolution, the founding and growth of America, the Civil War, western expansion, World War I, and World War II. Students will participate in hands-on activities to reinforce each lesson.


The topics of the enVision Math curriculum include place value; multiplication and division with single and double digits; addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, comparison of fractions and decimals, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, expressions and equations, ordered pairs and the plane, two-dimensional shapes, perimeter, area, and volume, measurement units and conversions, data analysis, and personal financial literacy. Problem solving, manipulatives, centers and math games are implemented for greater conceptual understanding.


During the first semester students explore solar energy including sun tracking, solar energy heaters and houses, light energy and special projects. In the second semester students will study environments including terrestrial and aquatic, bugs and beetles. Students will use the Foss curriculum during both semesters. Additionally, the science fair preparation provides an in-depth look at the scientific method.


Beginning in Genesis, students explore the Old Testament with weekly lessons and Bible verse memorization using the Possessing the Land (Positive Action for Christ) curriculum. Students study the Israelites, the giving of the Law, the judges, the kings and the prophets. These studies are related to Jesus and how the Old Testament foretold of His coming.


Students will use the Latin for Children curriculum which incorporates elements that will engage every learning style.  This series trains students in Latin grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives in a lively, interactive way.

Field Trips

Field trips in fifth grade may include: Cameron Park Zoo, the Museum of the American GI, and the Texas A&M Physics Building.


During once a week 30-minute sessions, students will continue keyboarding lessons through Typing Club. Students will gain knowledge in word processing projects as they create documents, presentations and graphs in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Using Dash, Sphero Bolt and Indi Robots, our students are introduced to coding and robotics. All students will learn Digital Citizenship throughout the year and practice applying Christian principles and a Biblical worldview in the digital world.


The goal of Visual Arts in the fifth grade art curriculum is to develop the knowledge of God’s character in creation through the visual arts. Furthermore, a goal to instill a love for art history through the study of the individual lives and works of master artists is explored. The purpose is to expand the students’ knowledge of God’s elements of design, which include Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture, and Space.  Also students will be stretched in their knowledge of techniques of production and be introduced to the principles of design, including Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, and Unity. Throughout the year each student will have opportunities to create a variety of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art pieces.

Fifth Grade Choir

Students put the musical knowledge and skills they have learned into practice resulting in music literacy development, personal musicianship and foundational ensemble skills. Students will sing a wide variety of repertoire chosen for its educational value and for its spiritual, artistic, and cultural significance. This Choir will put on four concerts a year using all these skills.

Fifth Grade Band

Students put musical knowledge and skills into practice by playing instruments in a traditional concert band setting. Music is selected from a wide variety of cultural, historical, and spiritual settings with educational benefits in mind. Beginning band students may select one of the following instruments to play: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or euphonium.


Students will be introduced to many different authors and illustrators through a variety of literary genres. Students will develop research skills using reference material and computers. Activities include Book Clubs, Author visits, guest readers and reading competitions. Students attend library once a week for 30 minutes.


Students will explore motor skills and movement patterns using an integrated curriculum. They will learn responsible personal and social behavior in a variety of physical activity settings. They will be provided frequent and diverse opportunities to engage in physical activities necessary to support a healthy mind and body. Students attend P.E. four times a week for 30 minutes each class. At least one day per week will be dedicated to our "Eagle Running Program," a self-paced activity specifically focused on improving cardiovascular fitness.


Grammar School students enjoy Chapel once a week in two sessions: PreK through second grades and third through sixth grades. In order to study and apply meaning, the yearly school-wide Scripture is divided into sections for each month. In Chapel, Grammar School worships in song, Scripture, and prayer, followed by a special speaker who teaches the specific passage in a developmentally appropriate way. Our speakers include local pastors, children’s ministers, youth leaders, Christian camp directors, parents, and BCS teachers, staff, and administrators. All would agree that Chapel is the favorite time of the week!


Students have the opportunity to learn socialization skills through play and free activities outdoors. Lunch recess occurs after students are dismissed after eating and generally is 10-15 minutes per day. In addition, students enjoy a 20-30 minute recess daily.