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Students will be allowed a maximum of five days excused absences per year for such things as family and/or educational trips, but only at the discretion of the Administration. These days will count as part of the nine absences allowed per semester (17.5 absences in the school year), but will not count towards absences with testing exemptions. Any days taken beyond the five days will be considered unexcused with the accompanying academic consequences, which may result in grades being lowered. Grace Days will not be allowed during exams or Achievement Test days. 

Students can access a “Grace Day Request Google Form” on FACTS under resources and need to have it submitted at least one week ahead of time. At the discretion of the teacher, schoolwork due during a student's absence must be done either before the student leaves or handed in when (s)he returns.

Grammar School Grace Day Form 

Logic & Rhetoric Schools Grace Day Form