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A successful high school guidance program challenges each student to seek God’s plan to take responsibility for working hard in high school so that more opportunities will become open to them after high school, and to continue learning in the college best suited for each student. We believe it is our personal and professional responsibility to train up each student in the intellectual, moral, and social skills necessary for life after graduation. Most of our students choose to enter college after graduation from BCS, so we believe in catering our program to those needs is what honors our mission statement and goal as a college preparatory school. We believe it is essential to partner with the student, parents, teachers, and staff to ensure that each student receives an individual, personalized plan that meets the expectations and goals of each student. 

As students reach the Rhetoric School at grade 9, each student meets individually with the guidance counselor to ensure course selections correspond with graduation requirements as well as their goals, plans for college, and career interests. Parents are encouraged to participate in the process. Juniors in high school begin the college application process by meeting with the guidance counselor, praying for God’s direction, and preparing college application essays. Additionally, we consider academics, extracurricular activities, test results, and interests as we create a list of colleges to which the student will apply. Throughout the application process, the registrar and guidance counselor work closely together to insure prompt responses to transcript requests and other needs of each student.

In working with juniors and seniors, the guidance counselor encourages each student to do their best, so that they can have as many opportunities available to them in the way of college acceptances and funding sources possible. Realizing that this can be a stressful time, each student is encouraged to rely on God, seek His guidance, and find purpose in the process. We look ahead to what college will bring while promoting self responsibility, so that students have ownership of their lives while finishing their high school careers and looking ahead to college.

We look forward to partnering with you for your child’s success in whatever endeavors God has planned.

In His Service,
Mary Woods, M.S.

Meet our Director of Counseling Services

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    Mary Woods

    Director of Faculty Development & Counseling Services