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We offer class trips for all Logic and Rhetoric School students at the end of each school year. These trips provide a fantastic opportunity for them to deepen their relationships with their classmates, teachers and the Lord. Each trip is specifically planned out to ensure students are building upon lessons they learned throughout the school year. 

7th Grade - Exploring Texas

The 2022 7th grade class trip was a great adventure through Texas! The trip was led by Becky Simpson, Wendee Binford, and Zach Zamora, made possible with the generous help of the many BCS parents who volunteered to chaperone. The trip's goal was to bring to life the rich Texas history learned in the classroom by allowing students to explore the storied locations for themselves.

Our first destination was San Antonio, Texas. And what better way to kick off a classic Texas trip than making our first lunch stop for some good ole Texas BBQ at Rudy’s in New Braunfels! With bellies full and happy, we kept the wagon moving to the Alamo, where students gathered in groups to explore the grounds guided by an audio tour. Our two days in San Antonio flew by as we explored Spanish Missions, the San Antonio Riverwalk, Natural Bridge Caverns, and the Tower of Americas. The students were led in a devotional as we sat along the river, reflecting on God’s call on our lives as believers to continually encourage each other.  Along the way we made time to experience the rich Tejano culture stopping by the Market Square and enjoying many of the local Tex-Mex eats San Antonio has to offer. The last stop was the State Capitol grounds in Austin, TX. Students experienced a guided group tour, learning more of the rich history of Texas and how the Capitol functions as a working hub for our Texas government. Overall, the 7th grade tour of Texas was a wonderful experience in learning about our great state, growing together in community, and of course, eating great food!  

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8th Grade - Washington DC

The 8th grade Washington DC trip is a fun, full and engaging experience to learn about our nation's capital and history through a biblical worldview! On this trip students will get to see many important buildings such as the White House, the Capitol Building, the Library of Congress and the National Archives. While at these buildings whether it is an exterior visit or interior, the wonderful tour guide gives historical and current information. While at the Capitol Building we took the opportunity as a group to pray for the leaders of the United States. It was powerful to stop and take time to ask the Lord to help them and guide them. Students were able to visit many of the Smithsonian museums such as the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the National Museum of the American Indian. One of the most impactful and somber museum visits on this trip was to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Students were able to respectfully learn and about people who endured the atrocities of the Holocaust. Throughout the week our tour guide took us to many of the memorials around DC as well as visiting Arlington National Cemetery. We ventured out of the city for a morning to visit George Washington's home, Mount Vernon. We toured the home and had adventures around the large, beautiful property. Each night our tour guide ended the day with devotionals and a time of prayer. On this trip, students get to see and experience so much of what Washington DC has to offer! 

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9th Grade - Kentucky and Ohio

The 2022 class trip for the freshman was nothing short of amazing! The chaperones were Coach Alvarado, Judi Stone, Ben Aurispa, Jenny Sebesta and Denise Perkins. They traveled to Kentucky and Ohio, with the main focus being on the Noah's Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum. At Noah's Ark, the students were able to see and experience what it was like to be inside of a to-scale replica of the ark as described in The Bible and the days of Noah. It also contained many exhibits that explained every detail of The Flood and other events in Genesis. The Creation Museum was the next day and they got to explore the mystery of the start of humankind from the lens of God's Word and biblical truth. It was a great experience for all and God really moved as we spent time each day in devotionals and unpacking what each place revealed to us.

The group also got to experience eating at Skyline Chili (local regional fast food place) and an actual KFC in Kentucky! Wednesday night after the Creation Museum, the students got to experience a Cincinnati Reds game at The Great American Ballpark, where they played the Chicago Cubs and won! The next day was spent at Wright's Air Force Base at The National Museum of The US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. This is the largest aeronautical museum in the world, spanning over 9 acres within multiple plane hangers. The trip concluded with a visit to the National Underground Railroad Museum that looks at the history of our nation and slavery. Harriet Tubman and many others who fought for freedom were remembered and celebrated here. Overall, this was a great trip, great experience for all and it was amazing to see God work through His creation and speak into the lives of our students at BCS.

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10th and 11th Grade - Colorado

Info about the 10th and 11th grade trip to Colorado to come.

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