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The Brazos Christian Difference

What is it about BCS that makes it unique? What defines a school’s impact and presence in the community? What is it that makes BCS different? Simply put, it is our college preparatory academic program with classical elements; the instruction from a Biblical worldview at our center; and our Christian school community.

A College Preparatory, Christian Education

At Brazos Christian we believe that the best preparation for our students is an education that develops the skills to think critically, reason effectively, and communicate clearly and persuasively. Our use of classical methods and approach focuses on the natural stages of a child’s development, teaching in accord with the principles of the trivium, a time-tested approach which emphasizes the fundamentals of the basic disciplines, including Latin and writing.

Because we employ classical methods, we place importance on the process of learning truth, understanding truth, and communicating truth. We include instruction in Latin, encourage the development of the whole person, recognize the importance of the context of the human story in God's story, and are intentionally cross-curricular, making connections between subjects. We focus on a thematic approach in Grammar School, and a humanities approach in Logic and Rhetoric Schools that integrates the study of history, literature, and the Bible, while also incorporating strong STEM components. Taught from a Christian perspective, this approach encourages students to blend all their knowledge of the great ideas and events of the past into one coherent understanding of their world. 

Brazos Christian graduates have an excellent track record in college admissions, and are currently in residence at some of the best schools.

A Christian Worldview

A Christian worldview assumes the centrality of Christ in all of life. Thus, Brazos Christian is a Christ-centered school, seeking to impart a Biblical perspective. Through a focused emphasis on integrating the Christian faith in all our disciplines, we desire to inspire our students to possess a heart for God as well as a mind for truth.

A well-developed Biblical worldview combined in this way with a proven college preparatory program will enable our students to think in authentically Christian ways about their values, their beliefs, and their place in our culture. They will be able to respond with love and truth as they make decisions for their futures. We challenge them to become well-informed, winsome Christians with a commitment to life-long learning and a willingness to speak to the culture from a Christ-centered heart.

An Inviting and Vibrant Community

“Opportunity” and “participation” are the words that describe the Brazos Christian community. On any given day at Brazos Christian School you will find parents serving hot lunch, carpooling for an athletic game or field trip, decorating for a special event, helping a teacher with a classroom project. This high level of parent participation has built, and sustains, a strong foundation for the Brazos Christian community.

Our school community provides a safe, nurturing, and inviting environment where students and families can learn, explore, and grow in their understanding of God, the world, and themselves.