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Concert Band (Rhetoric and Logic)

This course will discover and develop the God-given talents of each student in a traditional concert band setting.  Each student will be given the opportunity to develop both technique and musicianship through formal concerts and extracurricular events.  The musical curriculum will include traditional concert music as well as marching band and popular music.

Jazz Band (Rhetoric only)

Jazz Band is a course offered to students who have mastered the basics of instrumental performance.  It is designed to explore the expressive and technical areas of jazz music in the major sub-genres which include swing, big band, bebop, rock, and fusion.  It will also look at the historical aspects of jazz and its impact on society.  No audition is required although this course assumes students have had basic music instruction which will be reflected in the instruction.  This course is open to any student who plays a wind of percussion instrument as well as bass and piano.

Praise Band (Rhetoric only)

Praise Band will be an audition ensemble of voices and instruments that will lead worship during chapel and occasionally at other events.  The music in this class will incorporate a wide range of Christian music. 

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